Rainbow Upholstery was part of an exciting project in 1999. We were hired to perform advanced boat seat upholstery for the Antonsia yacht, being built at Hodgdon Yachts in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. They interviewed several upholstery shops in Maine and viewed photographs of our work. After a personal interview and referrals from local homeowners and business, we secured the job.

Boat Seat Upholstery

Since the yacht was a new construction, we began with a blank slate. We were hired to design seat cushions from scratch for the galley.  For the fabric we used imported silks from Italy that were very heavy weight. We wrapped foam seat cushions with 100% down. For general use, we also created an alternate set of white cushions for the galley seats.  Also in the galley, we upholstered a set of dining chairs that were custom-made by another local furniture builder.

boat seat upholstery

Photo courtesy of Super Yacht Times

For the guest quarters, we designed custom-fit seat cushions to fit the custom chairs that were built-in. We worked closely with the Italian interior designer who was in charge of the yacht’s interior design.

In the master cabin, we faced a unique challenge when designing the seat cushions for two built in chairs.  Due to their architectural design, which were flat and vertical, we had to design a seat cushion that was thicker in the front and angled back to provide more comfortable seating.  The back seat cushion was barrel-shaped and free-standing which presented even more challenges.

maine boat seat upholstery

Photo courtesy of Super Yacht Times

In the end, the owners were delighted with the custom boat seat upholstery that we provided.  We have enjoyed working on custom boat upholstery since that time. In addition to the custom upholstery boat work we did for this yacht, we have worked on privately owned sailboats, fishing boats and party boats.

boat seat upholstery maine

Photo courtesy of Super Yacht Times

We offer an extensive line of marine grade vinyls, in all colors – perfect for your boat seat upholstery needs! Be sure to schedule early for the season!